Finally, many foreigners have a tendency to be very direct and blunt in their interactions, which can come across as rude or unapproachable. Additionally, some men adopt a “macho” attitude towards women, which is often seen as sexist and disrespectful. Second, take her somewhere interesting and unique. Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong are all great choices, but there are also many smaller cities and villages that offer a unique glimpse into traditional Chinese life.

It has a deep, serious meaning in Cambodia and is the equivalent of the western marriage proposal when you say this phrase. A “good” Cambodian woman will only be with a man and live with him if he marries her. I shouldn’t have to tell you that the depersonalisation of East Asian women is extremely damaging. You aren’t recognised as an individual but as someone who represents a very specific type of beauty, one that is constantly depicted as passive and over-sexualised. Personally, I’ve curated my personality to go against the stereotype of the “submissive” Asian woman. I am vocal, opinionated, confident and dominating – and sometimes it’s impossible for me to form deep connections and be truly vulnerable with people as a result.

They also tend to look after themselves really well. Most of them stay away from the sun as much as possible. Support them by subscribing to the free monthly newsletter about visiting China. Chinese people have permanent jobs that are almost impossible to lose but a school or company can refuse to renew foreigners’ contracts. In the West, a woman might show her affections for you by holding your hand, hugging you and kissing you. But in China, some women may feel very uncomfortable with public displays of affection.

When it comes to Chinese dating and romance, there are some other customs you need to be aware of. Oh no, she’ll be expecting something much more expensive – think iPhones, Chanel perfume or gold jewelry. January and February are rather expensive months to be having a relationship in China. Both Valentine’s Day and the Chinese Spring Festival fall around this time. Many Chinese women insist that any prospective suitors own a property in China and provide a bride price. In fact, it would be extremely unlikely that such a woman would be willing to go out on a date with a man unless she has very strong feelings for him as a potential spouse.


In this regard, English mail order brides will never let you down. They will stay faithful to you no matter what adversities happen. Those endless jubilant dance numbers in Bollywood movies pretty much channel the Indian soul. If for no other reason other than you want someone to dance with you , date an Indian. As for me, I have become an unlikely beneficiary of the society telling Asian men they aren’t attractive.

Chinese dating (guide for foreigners)

Don’t share information about your past relationships, health, finances, and other sensitive issues with her. When you get to know her, there will be time for that. But as long you’re meeting her for the first time or a few times, don’t share deep stuff. In place of talking about yourself, share your favorite interests like hobbies, music, or food. If you are not romantic, then you should start learning how to be. Malaysian women for marriage love men who can show affection and admire their beauty.

Whatever she finds herself doing, she puts in great effort to ensure success, be it her career or maintaining the home. Malaysian Chinese women are regarded as the most attractive due to their much lighter skin. However, they have a much softer and cuter oriental look. Because of their genetics, Chinese Malays are slim and have dark hair. Malaysia is a South Eastern Asian country located North of the equator and is famous for having rainforests and beaches. Worthy of mention is the mixed Chinese, European, Malay and Indian heritages.

In fact, what she really wants is her boyfriend’s attention. This means she wants her boyfriend to coax her into talking about her problems. Some Chinese girls think that being too straightforward with each other is not good for a love relationship. However, they would still like to go and visit physical stores at weekends. Just because they will have the opportunity to try clothes on.

She upset me so much that I swore that I never wanted to get into a relationship with another woman again. Unfortunately, I was ultimately rejected because she was looking for a local guy and not a foreigner. Unlike many Western women, a Chinese woman won’t be satisfied with flowers or chocolates. My ex-girlfriend wanted an apartment costing RMB 700,000 – this is almost US$100,000! This was in addition to the RMB 150,000 (US$21,000) bride price. It can be quite scary for a foreigner to be put under this kind of pressure at an early stage in a relationship.

Or “I’m not normally attracted to Asians but you’re alright”. That was the flip side of yellow fever – the objectification of Asian women went hand in hand with the de-sexualisation of Asian men, as ‘the other’. After I spent time living in China I discovered just how lucky I was when I realized that the vast majority of women I met were more like what you are encountering.

Firstly, you may be wrong and then it would look ridiculous. And also she probably already knows everything you are going to tell her. It’s okay to talk about her culture, but maybe not on the first date and when you know more about her and what topics she will be interested in as well.

Here are some frequently asked questions from foreigners on how to date Chinese women. Chinese girls are raised to be polite and respectful, so always be courteous wellhello when you’re asking her out. They may not be as outgoing as some other cultures’ girls, so you may have to be a bit more proactive in getting to know her.

Chinese women are known to be very loyal partners. Betraying their partner is against their cultural values. If the girl was raised in the capital city, she will be modern, hipster, addicted to fashion and a little bit more spoiled and selfish. Well, it’s not 100% since all of us are different. But again, beauty and money dictate a lot of things here. If you’re a foreigner looking to date Chinese girls, try to avoid doing any of these things, as they’ll likely turn her off.

When around a Chinese girl, you won’t be able to take your eyes off of her and wonder how smooth her skin is. Of course, since every person is different, not all might be true for your girl. Also, for things that are true, there would be variations. Dating in China means that you arrange all of the trips and dates, and she follows along. Sometimes it can be a little annoying not to see any action in the “manly department” from her. If you marry a Chinese girl, you are most likely in heaven.